Our Story

Serving Salt Spring Island since 2004

The Solace Concept

Solace – A Harmony of the Senses.

Inspired by nature’s ability to offer a sanctuary of solace, Julie James (founder) created Solace Organic Spa.

At Solace we believe that wellness is born from nurturing one’s inner beauty. We are a boutique spa on Salt Spring Island, BC. An intimate connection with nature can be found while relaxing in our spa garden or forest hydrotherapy circuit; a revitalizing ritual that has been practiced for centuries. This nourishing experience in nature lands within our bodies, flowing into the nearby treatment rooms where professional massage and spa therapists address the entire being – healing body, mind & soul. As an extension of our nature-focused spa, we formulate small-batch aromatherapy skincare, woven into our treatments to carefully restore nature’s rhythm within.

Our Spa Building & Island Community

Solace Organic Spa is delighted to be the premier ‘organic spa’ in Canada as well as the first hydrotherapy experience on the Gulf Islands and celebrates over 19 years of serving Salt Spring Island locals and visiting spa enthusiasts!

The spa building lives beneath the bows of a grandmother fir tree, providing a space for natural healing. The original spa building was designed by Jan Jenson, an architect featured in ‘Builders Of The Pacific Coast’, and built by Salt Spring Island’s Patrick Tarissan. The building is of local wood beams, clay plaster, natural stone, and eco-paint. Natural light flows freely throughout the treatment rooms and the building itself. At Solace, the outside flows inside, from the nourishing and invigorating natural landscape of the spa garden and hydrotherapy area to the treatment rooms.

We combine Japanese tranquility and Scandinavian simplicity with a Salt Spring Island spirit and sensibility. The spa features local artists including a reclaimed cedar beam shou sugi ban entranceway. You will find subtle details of wood art, ceramics, stone, and locally propagated seasonal flower arrangements can be found throughout the spa grounds. We align our values with what salt spring is all about, “community, wellness, and sustainability.” We are always open to meaningful collaborations or features.

Eco Philosophy

As a small business, it is our responsibility to steward sustainable practices and minimize our impact on the Earth. We believe in taking an all-encompassing approach to sustainable business and that together we can make an impactful change in the wellness industry.

We are members of the BC Green Business since 2020, from which we hold the Green Business Designation, and Ocean Friendly Business Designation from Surfrider. We received Salt Spring Island’s Green Business of the Year Award (2011).

  • sustainable product purchasing policy as well as manufacturing and formulating our organic aromatherapy and skincare brand
  • eCo employee volunteer policy: volunteering for a cause that is focused on (sustainability, environment, education, homelessness, seniors, etc.)
  • natural linens, organic cotton and bamboo towels; re-usable spa footwear
  • plant based organic laundry detergent
  • energy star certified washing machines and <6.0LpM toilets
  • renovations and upgrades >10% recycled, repurposed or used materials
  • LED bulb lighting and heat reduced overnight, all on timers
  • bulk ordering to reduce courier/deliveries
  • bulk refills of all spa products used in the spa and at request for customers refills
  • eco-friendly nail products – vegan, biodegradable nail lacquers, DBP, formaldehyde & toluene-free.
  • natural spa mineral ionization for the cedar cold plunge
  • company-owned vehicle is a low emission hybrid model
  • designated bicycle parking
  • non-toxic cleaners and disinfectants
  • less single use plastic packaging, biodegradable bags and customer bags are made out of 95% PCR paper
  • 100% recycled, with min. of 50% PCR material toilet paper products and organic feminine products
  • Sugar Sheet copy paper for all forms and print, using the residue waste of sugar cane promotes the preservation of global forests and vital ecosystems.
  • 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly ink used for printed materials
  • environmentally friendly paints
  • organic gardening, regenerative soil practices and drip irrigation 
  • locally propagated flower arrangements and endangered native species planted in the spa garden
  • annual donations made to local environmental or community fundraisers
  • environmental sustainability is incorporated into the training of staff and educating clients
  • we buy and collaborate locally, fair trade products and support other sustainable businesses

Solace Skin & Aromatherapy: We use certified organic or wild-crafted ingredients — the best nature has to offer, and as local as we can source. Our natural product lines we offer are our own Solace Organic Spa organic aromatherapy skincare and SpaRitual (eCo & vegan nail lacquers) and Dr Hauschka skincare. No DBP, acetone, alcohol, formaldehyde or acrylics. All products are cruelty-free and free of parabens and sulphates. We do not buy or use oils such as palm oil or the endangered sandalwood essential oil and keep up to date on all sustainable products.

Creator’s Statement 
Julie James, Founder

I moved to Salt Spring Island in 1995 and began to live a simple, organic, island life many years before holistic lifestyles became mainstream.

It was a calling and I’m so happy I listened. As a young mother, organic gardener and acupressure therapist, I was determined to raise my children to “be organic” — knowing the importance of an organic and healthy diet and spending time with family, community and nature. I wanted to ensure my children knew how to grow food and understand the natural cycles of life. Their grandparents’ farm also gave them an intrinsic way of learning to live close to the earth in a sustainable way. They are fortunate to have grown up on Salt Spring Island and had a natural lifestyle and are now young adults sharing their values with the world.

Inspired by creating aromatherapy and formulating organic skincare, combined with my holistic massage/acupressure practice,  I founded Solace Organic Spa in 2004.

I soon realized that my passion was also creating the nuturing space for healing and the art of self-care. Solace Organic Spa became the premier ‘Organic Spa’ in Canada and we are celebrating nearly two decades of serving Salt Spring Island spa enthusiasts! I recall being asked several times over the years, what is an Organic Spa? “We wouldn’t do it any other way — it’s a lifestyle,” is always my reply. Ive always loved the healing of hydrotherapy and dreamed of having a hydrotherapy circuit and I added this to the spa in 2019 as the first hydrotherapy experience on the Gulf Islands. I wanted to keep the peaceful, simple pace that my spa offers those seeking reprieve and designed the spa as a private experience and I think this is unique to the spa world.

We are a sustainable, organic skincare and spa brand based on the rituals of self-care and fostering natural beauty.

Our products are formulated using ecologically and ethically sourced ingredients to nourish your well-being and the earth. Our products are packaged in mostly glass and metal containers and we also supply bulk refills.

I love creating the whole nourishing experience for our guests — it is my art.

You feel it from the moment you walk down our path to the spa garden, sit in the tea lounge and are greeted by our spa team, life begins to slow down – time for you to relax in nature and soothing spa scents. Solace provides an opportunity to rejuvenate your body and soul. So much goes into preparing for your time at the spa. I really couldn’t have succeeded with my vision without my family’s love, our community’s support and, of course, the amazing spa team. I am forever grateful.

Described as  “a harmony of the senses,” your experience here at Solace is designed to create a deep sense of well-being, balance and bliss.

My goal is to hold a supportive and beautiful space that feels open for you to profoundly care for yourself, be kind to your self, and feel inspired. A place to welcome healing moments. I aim to create a nurturing and comfortable environment with all the details taken care of. We offer our guests a holistic, natural and alternative approach for your journey to wellness, healing and a balanced state of health. We are focused on positive, self-nurturing re-discovery and re-connection to your inner beauty. I’m very diligent about quality and use only the finest in naturally sourced, plant derived products to enhance your connection of mind, body and spirit. Our service is offered with quality, kindness and compassion. We provide you with competent and professional care, customizing each session to address your specific needs. We are committed to being here for you and we are rewarded by giving you the most unique natural spa experience possible.