Solace Team

Our team offers our guests a therapeutic, holistic, natural and alternative approach for your journey to wellness, healing and a balanced state of health. We are focused on positive self nurturing, re-discovery and re-connection to your inner beauty.

Our service is offered with quality, kindness and compassion. Our goal is to create a nurturing and comfortable environment. We provide you with competent and professional care customizing each session to address your specific needs. Our therapists are all certified in their offerings and strive for excellence in their field of practices. 

Described as “a harmony of the senses” your experience at Solace is designed to help create a deep sense of well-being, balance and bliss. Our team of qualified professionals are dedicated to conducting their sessions with both attuned presence and outstanding skill and committed to the relaxation, rejuvenation and healing process of our guests, offering a selection of natural aesthetic, therapeutic and holistic services to create balance, harmony, and the most unique natural health spa experience possible.

Sarah Maude Dubuc-Demers
Certified Massage & Cranio-sacral Therapist

Sarah studied 5rhythms dance and the advanced level of Massage Therapy at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. She has also continued her studies of healing arts through studying and combining both Upledger and Biodynamic Cranio-sacral Therapy, Reiki and Mayan Abdominal Massage. Born and raised in Quebec, Sarah learned early on how to navigate challenging experiences through expressive arts such as writing, dancing and painting. Her curiosity and hunger for life took her to the wilderness of the West Coast, where she found a sanctuary for her soul living on Salt Spring Island. As she deepened her relationship with art and movement, she uncovered profound depth, meaning and healing in these practices, especially when combined with nature. She feels blessed and honoured to share these healing practices with you and create healing spaces for you to soften into.

Maia Colquhoun
Certified Massage, Bodywork and Spa Therapist

Maia has called Salt Spring Island home for 8 years. Born and raised on the West Coast, she loves nature and being close to the sea. Maia is trained in Rebalancing Bodywork, which is a fusion technique that originates from a variety of massage modalities such as Esalen, Feldenkreis, Rolfing, Alexander Technique and Cranio Sacral. She is also trained in Solace Spa Therapies. A typical session with Maia consists of joint release, deep tissue and gentle acupressure and cranio sacral. Maia looks forward to seeing you at the spa!

Kindred Antonick
Bodywork and Spa Therapist

Kindred is a Salt Spring Islander and Spa Therapist with over two decades of experience working in wellness and health care. She is a skilled practitioner providing aromatherapy massage, reflexology and spa treatments in five star hotels and renowned wellness centres. Kindred is certified in Reflexology at the Pacific Institute of Reflexology and in Ayurvedic Massage at The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. She is also trained on the Solace Spa Signature treatments. 

Kristin Thiessen (photo coming soon)

Certified Massage & Bodywork & Pre Natal Massage

Kristin finds deep satisfaction in the art, practice, and service of bodywork. Her goal is to provide treatments that are therapeutic for the body and nourishing for the whole system. Kristin is a graduate of the 700 hr Bodywork Therapy Program at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts. The style of massage she practices draws primarily from Swedish and Deep Tissue modalities, and blends elements of foot reflexology and joint release in an intuitive treatment that combines flowing rhythmic strokes with deeper, sustained pressure where needed, to release tension and facilitate deep relaxation. While working to nourish the the physical tissues of the body, she also holds space for the emotional and energetic body to flow into a state of harmony and coherence. She is also a Certified Holistic Doula and is certified in Prenatal Massage.

Meghan Moroz
Spa Host, Waxing & Nail Technician

Meghan is passionate about beauty and wellness and helping others look and feel fantastic. She is our spa host and receptionist and enjoys taking care of all the details as well as preparing the Spa Ritual: forest hydrotherapy circuit, especially for you. She has a wealth of product knowledge and many years of experience in customer service, sales and aesthetics. Meghan is very skilled with certified waxing, tinting, lash lifts, manicures and pedicures.  She looks forward to seeing you for your next visit to the spa.

Leanne Lafrance
Spa Host

 Leanne’s passion for health and wellness began early on in her life with a love for helping others. After working for 30 years in the medical field she has welcomed a new challenge and change of pace from her busy island life.

Leanne is grateful to be part of the Solace Spa team and believes in the importance of the benefits of wellness treatments for a healthy mind and body. She brings her caring warm presence to help assist guests as a reception host. 

She loves the natural beauty of Salt Spring Island. When she’s not helping guests at the spa you’ll find her either hiking at Ruckle Park, paddle boarding at Beddis Beach or spending quality time with her husband and daughters. 

Ajra Rose
Design Director & Spa Manager

She was born and raised on Salt Spring Island, she is passionate about wellness design and creating the best possible experience for your visit to the spa. Her creative role at the spa includes graphic design, product design, story telling, photography, social media management and any other creative directed project that comes her way! Ajra is a trained Industrial Designer, with a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Emily Carr University.

Julie James
Founder & Spa Director

Julie is the heart and soul behind the creation of Solace Organic Spa celebrating 20 years of serving Salt Spring Island!  She has enjoyed following her aspirations to create a beautiful, healing and nurturing space with innovative curated spa treatments paired with organic aromatherapy skincare products. Her vision is to provide ‘a harmony of the senses’ for you to experience, aiming to have every guest feeling connected, pampered, healthy, beautiful, relaxed and renewed. 

She is a compassionate spirit and a solid, supportive and empathetic leader of her team. Julie enjoys giving specialized treatments to her clients as well as teaching Solace Spa therapies to her collaborative team, curating the overall client experience as well as designing the spa menu, wellness packages and our aromatherapy product line. Her organic skincare and body care products celebrate the synergy between internal health and external beauty and the true healing essence of organic aromatherapy in harmony with Nature. 

She has over twenty four years professional experience and is passionate about Spa Design. Creator of Solace Organic Spa and Formulator of Solace Organic Spa Skincare & Aromatherapy Products since 1997. Certified Dr. Hauschka Aesthetician. Certified Acupressure with the Canadian Acupressure Institute in 2001 (including Asian TCM, 5 Elements theory and Hakomi somatic counselling), Holistic Facial Specialist, Certified Deep Flow Massage and Holistic Bodywork, Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Cupping and Gua Sha Facialist, C.M.P. Certified Master Pedicurist, Certified Professional Wax Technician, Certified Lash Lift and Tinting, Aromatherapy, Certified Yin Yoga Teacher, Qigong and Tai Chi student.