Dr. Hauschka's Products

50 Years of Healthy, Beautiful Skin

When the first Dr. Hauschka products were introduced in 1967, the concept of natural beauty products that promoted healthy skin was revolutionary—and entirely new. 50 years later, millions of people have relied on Dr. Hauschka Skin Care for the health and beauty of their skin.

Natural Certification

High-quality natural ingredients. Responsible sourcing. No synthetics. No animal testing.

With a founding mission to support the healing of humanity and the earth, every decision we make in the manufacture of Dr. Hauschka products is made with deliberate thought and care. The long-term health of your skin and the planet, peoples and living creatures that reside on it are all considered.

Making the decisions isn’t difficult—it’s simply a matter of doing what’s right. The difficulty lies in supporting that decision and putting it into action.

Natural Ingredients:

Raw materials derived from nature
Minimal processing
Free of synthetic fragrances, colors and dyes
Safety and Purity:

No petroleum-derived synthetics (parabens, propylene glycol, silicones)
Exclusively non-toxic processing methods (no PEG’s or Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
No GMO ingredients
No irradiation at any stage of production

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