Stone Diffuser ~ White


Refresh your senses with our gorgeous ceramic stone ultrasonic diffusers available in black or white. Inspired by the spa serenity of Solace we know you will love this diffuser for all your favourite Solace Spa essential oils. 

  • Infuses the air with negative ions and our 100% natural essential oil blends
  • Mists for up to 3 hours continuously and 6 hours intermittently
  • Beautiful contemporary and organic aesthetic ceramic cover
  • Automatic shut off (because you’ve got enough on your mind.)

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Infuses your air with the healing power of aromatherapy essential oils

Releases negative ions to elevate your well being

Gives your atmosphere the same refreshing feeling as standing being at the spa


Automatic shut-off and whisper-quiet operation

Water Tank: 90 ml / 3 fl oz

Mist Duration: 3 hrs continuous | 6 hrs intermittent

LED light feature

BPA-free plastic water tank