Solace Face

Skincare rituals and ancient healing modalities to harmonize inner and outer beauty

Solace Facial

Signature Treatment

A facial renewal to nourish the soul and reawaken your skin. The Solace facial is exclusive to our spa and features a unique facial Japanese style massage, which specifically works meridians and acupressure points and lymphatic facial massage using specific rhythmic movements to stimulate skin renewal and release tension in facial muscles thus helping to promote inner and outer beauty. Our signature Solace facial begins with a foot soak and includes a skin balancing aromatic steam and a complete Solace Facial Ritual: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, hydrate and balance featuring our Solace Organic Skincare products infused with healing botanicals of Earth and Sea and therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils. Followed with a neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage and heavenly scents of lavender, jasmine, chamomile, rose and neroli harmonize your senses.
Please note we do not offer extractions 

60 min $165

Harmony Facial Certified Dr. Hauschka Facial

To experience a Dr. Hauschka treatment is to be transformed with a renewed sense of well being. Based on the time-proven, signature method of artful touch, each treatment is crafted to work with your body’s natural rhythms to transform both inside and out. This rejuvenating holistic facial begins with a luxurious sage or rose foot soak. The same methods and techniques that inform Dr. Hauschka skincare products also form the basis of our facial: By using a holistic, rhythmic approach, to provide stimuli that supports skin renewal and overall well-being. Rhythmic movement is at the heart of this facial treatment in the form of lymph stimulation with massage and brushes. A unique rhythm of strokes, the process of meeting and release, the rhythmic alternation between rest and movement, heat and cold. The wafer-thin lymph capillaries play an important role in the removal of metabolic products and excess tissue fluid. The gentle caress and brush strokes stimulate, relax and unblock the capillaries and the tissue’s self-cleansing function is activated. The skin detoxifies itself, allowing oxygen and nutrients to access the cells more quickly again. There is also a hand and foot treatment with this facial.
Please note we do not offer extractions 

90 min $225 (Limited availability)
Add-on Massage with Birch Arnica Body Oil 30 min $60

Earth & Sea Stone Facial

Signature Treatment

Our signature, balancing and luxurious facial treatment begins with an aromatherapy facial steam. Followed by our Earth & Sea facial massage with soothing sensations of warm & cool marble, basalt and rose quartz that invoke healing, renewal and balance.

Feel the thermo therapeutic qualities of warm and cool stones placed on specific pressure points and chakras to invite harmony. The complete Solace Facial Ritual: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, hydrate and balance with our featured Solace Organic Skincare made from botanicals of Earth & Sea. A soothing warm ocean stone massage of the arms, hands, neck and shoulders.
Please note we do not offer extractions 

60 min $175

All our treatments begin with our signature mineral foot soak and aromatherapy scent journey.
To extend your experience we suggest including our Spa Ritual: Forest Hydrotherapy Circuit

Your unique Salt Spring Island spa experience awaits.