Hydrotherapy is an ancient ritual dating back thousands of years. The cycle of hot, cold, and relax is revitalizing, and releases tensions in the mind and body. Each session is completely private and prepared just for your group.


Forest Hot Tub & Infrared Sauna
10-15 min

This stage increases your body’s core temperature and invoke a state of calm and introspection.

dilate blood vessels on the skin’s surface, reducing blood pressure.

Increasing circulation to the skin and muscles. This increase in body temperature causes considerable perspiration, which helps cleanse the skin, and purify the body’s energy

Our Infrared Sauna heats the body’s core directly. It is clinically proven for optimal health benefits with low EMF far infrared as well as low EMF full spectrum infrared. Our sauna features chromotherapy, which uses the colour light spectrum to restore balance to the physical, mental and spiritual body.


Cedar Cold Plunge
a few seconds or minutes

This stage closes the pores of the skin, thus deepening the heat from the hot stage.

Cold water helps to release endorphins and increase your heart rate.

This refreshing experience promotes a shift in blood pressure, encouraging the body to flush toxins and release muscle tension.

This stage is where you will receive the most benefit of the hot, cold and relax cycle.


Forest Spa Lounge
5+ min

This stage in the circuit allows the cardiovascular system and nervous system to regulate itself.

After spending time in hot and cold environments, it is recommend to rest the body to help stabilize blood flow and heart rate.

This is a time for body and mind to rest and relax.

You may want to bring a book, meditate or just lounge and do nothing.

Extend Your Experience with Therapeutic Bodywork & Extras

Your unique Salt Spring Island spa experience awaits.